Does Higher IQ Give You More Success
in Exams, Jobs and Life?
And is it possible to increase IQ?

Yes, it gives more success.

And, yes, it is possible to increase your IQ now.

If so, then you may ask

What is the Value of 1 IQ Point

My friend Nick Winter, founder of CodeCombat quotes on his blog, "Each point of IQ gives roughly +2% lifetime earnings and +2% productivity."

What would it mean if you could increase your IQ by 10 points?

Simple maths would say that you'll increase lifetime income by 20%.

But, the real benefit could be far greater in terms of opportunities for education, jobs, leadership .

Is It Really Possible to Increase IQ by 10 Points

Do you know that science has now shown the way how to use brain training to increase IQ? And, the results have been amazing.

You can expect to increase IQ by 10 points (which is a HUGE advantage) by training your brain for about 20 minutes for 20 days.

Can anyone do it?

Yes. It takes a certain discipline and ambition to decide this 20 session training.

It must be very expensive. Like Rs 5,000 or Rs 10,000.

Those prices would be fair prices for the benefits you get.

If you are preparing for any exam and if you are ambitious and really want to get success, increasing IQ is the fastest and easiest way towards your goal.

To get maximum success, it is not enough to increase your IQ by 10 points and then stop working hard, but the path is to increase your IQ by 10 points and then continue to work hard.

Now An Unexpected Discovery by 4 Scientists from USA and Switzerland Gives You An Easy Way to Increase Your Intelligence
While Disproving a 125-Year Old Theory

This New Way Increases Your IQ by 10 Points
in Just 7 Hours of Training

Who are these 4 Scientists?

What they have achieved is so unique that it was considered impossible by the main psychology and neuroscience establishments, but these four scientists were courageous enough to think differently, and try to do the impossible. The world need more such people.

The names of these highly respected scientists are:

  1. Susanne M. Jaeggi
  2. Martin Buschkuehl
  3. John Jonides
  4. Walter J. Perrig

They are from these universities:

  • Department of Psychology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
  • Department of Psychology, University of Bern, Switzerland

The Discovery

These 4 scientists designed a new training game that increases your IQ by 10 points or more in 20 days by playing about 20 to 25 minutes per day.

Increase Your IQ by 10 Points or More
in Just 7 Hours of Training

By training online for about 20 minutes each day for 20 days.

20 minutes a day for 20 days is 400 minutes or about 7 hour.

Anyone willing to invest just 7 hours can expect to increase IQ by 10 points or more.

125-Old Theory Disproved

The new discovery disproved the 125 year old theory among the psychologists and neuroscientists that the human IQ is in-born and cannot be improved.

Finally after a century, the new discovery opens the way for world-wide application of the new training to help students and others to become smarter.

Results from a famous Biohacker and his team member using this type training

Dave Asprey is the founder of and currently lives in Canada. At age 26, he made $6 million and was bankrupt at age 28. Now much older and wiser, he's been focused on increasing brain and body. He's advisor to many high powered people.

Here is part of an article from Dave's blog about his experiments with this type of training using another older software, which they no longer seem to recommend.

How To Add 2.75 IQ Points Per Hour of Training

The Wall Street Journal just publicized a scientifically proven technique you can use to increase your IQ: dual N-back exercises. This is one of the brain hacking techniques from The Bulletproof Executive program, and it's close to my heart because I've used it since 2009 with great success, boosting my IQ at least 18 points (I took standardized IQ tests before and after). Dave "only" gained 12 IQ points from it, but he didn't do as many sessions as I did, and he'd already raised his IQ with other methods.

From an efficiency perspective, that's incredible. I gained 2.75 IQ points for every hour of brain training I did.

N-back exercise is simple--a grid of 9 squares is presented on screen ...

Every few seconds one of the 8 squares of the grid (center one isn't used) lights up with a colored box and a letter is spoken aloud. This continues for 20 repetitions. Your goal is to press a key when the present location (visual) or letter spoken (audio) matches the one that occurred "N" ago. When you recognize a certain % of the repetitions by pressing the keys accurately, the software increases N by 1. You start with N = 2. One exercise consists of about 20 minutes of repeating the exercises. It doesn't really matter how high of "N" you reach--as long as you're challenged, you're raising your IQ.

Here's a graph of my N level for my first 20 sessions (total of just 6.5 hours of training):


See how long I was stuck at N = 4? It took my brain a few days to adapt and forge new neural pathways, but once I broke beyond 4, I was immediately able to process far more information--look at the graph skyrocket as my brain adapted to handling more information at once.

The best part about N-back training is that it's permanent. After the 20 sessions you see above I did no training for a full 8 months to see if I'd forget the skill and have to start over. The results were an astounding OPPOSITE of what I expected, as if my brain had further optimized itself during the 8 months off.

Here are my scores for another 14 sessions 8 months after I started the training:


My max N level is currently 9--a level I would not have dreamed of reaching when I was stuck between 3 and 4 for days and days.

I've used a Zeo to track my sleep patterns after N-back training to see what my brain was up to the following night. The result? Drastically higher REM sleep percentages, often between 30-40% of sleep--proof enough that the N-back training boosts brain optimization significantly. One night my REM even exceeded light:


So what does a higher IQ get you?

1. Faster problem solving

N-back training teaches your brain to juggle more factors at the same time than it could before. If you're trying to solve a problem, it's extremely useful to be able to remember all the factors you know at once. A classic example would be running through look ahead moves in a chess game. If you don't remember the 2nd and 3rd moves you planned, how can you design a strategy 5 moves ahead? N-back training is the answer.

2. A more insightful synthetic imagination

In Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about two kinds of imagination--synthetic imagination and creative imagination. Synthetic is the one we use the most, it's when our brains combine existing known information and derive new insights from it or see new patterns. Creative imagination is a bit different; creative involves flashes of insight that aren't necessarily related to what we already know. More on creative imagination later--I've noticed N-back training boosts my synthetic imagination significantly. After N-back training, you'll be able to solve every day problems and tasks faster and more easily because you'll "just see the answer," and your academic or career performance will soar.

3. A better memory

Dave first noticed the effects when he unconsciously memorized restaurant take-out orders for 10 family members so he could call them in. His family was floored but he didn't realize why until they told him they couldn't do it without writing things down. In both of our experiences, once you get new brain skills, there's no going back, and they immediately feel natural and like a part of you.

Highly recommended ... Dave's website and products ...

I love what Dave Asprey does to bring the latest practical research on brain/body through food and tools and techniques. I highly recommend every thing Dave offers. I have personally purchased a video training of 2 day live recording as well as "Brain Trainer" currently priced $895.

Here is link to Dave's bio. Full article is here. His focus is to deliver results rather than getting lost in "theoretical arguments".

Scientifically Proven
Here is what experts and journalists say:

Here are quotes from research articles and Wired magazine articles about what the researchers did at their own organizations and universities, using their own research software based on the same concept as our advanced software for students and the general public.

"Initially, the test subjects scored an average of 10 questions correctly on the IQ test. But after the group trained on the n-back task for 25 minutes a day for 19 days, they averaged 14.7 correct answers, an increase of more than 40 percent."
- Alexis Madrigal, Wired Magazine
"We trained elementary and middle school children by means of a videogame-like working memory task. We found that only children who considerably improved on the training task showed a performance increase on untrained fluid intelligence tasks."
- Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Buschkuehl,
John Jonides, and Priti Shah, Research scientists
"The most important point of our work is that we can show that it is possible to improve fluid intelligence."
- Martin Buschkuehl, Researcher in Psychology at the University of Bern, Switzerland, quoted in Wired magazine interview
"The improvement seems to be dosage dependent. We saw a linear increase in performance with increase in training time."
- Martin Buschkuehl, Researcher in Psychology at the University of Bern, Switzerland, quoted in Wired magazine interview
"Furthermore, we demonstrate that the extent of gain in intelligence critically depends on the amount of training: the more training, the more improvement in Gf."
- Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Buschkuehl, John Jonides, and Walter J. Perrig, Researchers of the ground-breaking 2008 study
"A total of 20 undergraduate students at 24 years old participated in the experiment, with ten training sessions for ten days. Through using Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices as the evaluation method to get and analyze the experimental results, it was proved that training pattern can improve fluid intelligence of adults."
- Qiu Feiyue, Wei Qinqin, Zhao Liying,
Lin Lifang, Zhejiang Univ of Technology, China
"These findings constitute preliminary evidence that intensive cognitively demanding brain-training can improve not only our abstract problem-solving capacity, but also ameliorate cognitive control processes (e.g. decision-making) in our daily emotive environments."
- Susanne Schweizer, Adam Hampshire, Tim Dalgleish, researchers
"Brain researchers for the first time claim to have found a method for improving the general problem-solving ability scientists call fluid intelligence, otherwise known as "smarts."
    Fluid intelligence was previously thought to be genetically hard-wired, but the finding suggests that with about 25 minutes of rigorous mental training a day, healthy adults could improve their mental capacities."
- Alexis Madrigal, Wired Magazine

Announcing …

Ultimate IQ Booster Kit

Would you like an easy way increase your IQ by using the discovery of these 4 scientists?

Yes, such easy training is now available.

All you have to do is promise yourself that you’ll practice at least for 20 days.

That’s all it takes and you can get the benefit of higher IQ.

You can join right now, right here, and being your first training session immediately.

Who Can Use and Benefit

Anybody from age 12 onwards to old age. And, it does not require knowledge of English except knowing alphabets like K, P, C, D, etc.

You will benefit whether

  • ... you are just 12 years or 65 years.
  • ... you are a topper or just an ordinary student.
  • ... even if you find it hard to pass your exam.

For those below age 12, we recommend with discount offer for our customers in India.

Here is what you get

  • You take two full IQ tests, each being 40 to 60 minutes. Take any one IQ test before you begin training and the other IQ test after 21 day training -- this is to make sure that the tests are not biased and the improvement you get will be genuine.
    If necessary you can repeat the IQ tests.
  • You get 1-year membership to web-based "Ultimate IQ Booster" program. Use it for 20 to 25 minutes for the first 20 days and expect to increase your IQ test results to show an increase of 10 points or more.

Increase Your IQ by 10 Points or More in 30 Days or 100% Money Back

If you don’t improve you IQ by 10 points or more, making your smarter, opening path to greater success in studies and life, then please email me and ask for 100% money-back.

On the other hand, when you improve, please email and tell me what your teachers and friends comment, and how you become more confident to make your dreams come true.

2 Deluxe Bonuses

Just added these 2 bonuses in the member's area

Booster 1:
Improves Your Confidence and Reduces Your Stress

Learning time: 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

Practice time: 2 minutes many times a day

Amazingly powerful. And super simple. You use this Booster when you sit in exam hall or classroom or when waiting for interviews, or when you just sit to study at home.

It takes only 2 minutes to do and increases your confidence hormone (testosterone) and reduces your stress hormone (cortisol), instantly making you effective at whatever you need to do next.

Here is what the researchers did in 3 steps:

  1. They took saliva samples to measure the testosterone and cortisol levels.
  2. Each participant sat in either empowering posture or dis-empowering posture for 2 min.
  3. They took saliva samples again to measure the hormones again.

They were shocked to find that, in just 2 minutes, the empowering posture increased testosterone by 20 percent and decreased cortisol levels by 25 percent, while dis-empowering posture decreased testosterone by 10 percent and increased cortisol levels by 15 percent.

Using this will make you more confident and less stressful and less worried.

In another important research project at the Harvard University in USA, one half the participants were asked to sit in dis-empowering posture and the other half in empowering posture. At the end of 5 minute stressful interviews, experts were shown the video recording without audio, and asked to select. They selected all those that sat in empowering posture.

Imagine for a moment how this Booster will help you.

Booster 2:
Improves Your Memory and Executive Function

Learning time: 30 minutes.

Practice time: 20 to 30 minutes 3 times a week.

When you do this, in four months, your executive functions vastly improve; and memory scores improve as well by increasing blood flow to brain and by increasing neurons’ creation, survival, and resistance to damage and stress. In addition, it makes you look more attractive physically because of improved health & fitness.

Imagine for a moment how this Booster will help you.

Ultimate IQ Booster Kit Regular Deluxe
1 Year Membership
Billed once (today)
Pre and Post IQ Tests
Progress monitoring
Online training
Nothing physical shipped

Optional (with Deluxe Offer)
Booster 1:
Improves Your Confidence and Reduces Your Stress

Booster 2:
Improves Your Memory and Executive Function

Payment Options
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Common Questions

Q: Do you get more benefit if you play the game for more days?


There is a linear relationship between the number of days you invest to play the game and the "working memory" benefit you get.

Q: Is there any age limit for benefiting ?

No age limit. A child and a grand mother both can use it.

Q: Is it safe or are there any side effects ?

It is totally safe because it is like playing computer games.

Q: Is the IQ improvement temporary or permanent ?

The benefit is not temporary, which means you don't have to continue to use it for years. Once you have done 20 sessions, you've got huge benefit of higher IQ, at which point you can stop or you can also continue to do a few sessions every week.

Q: What is the highest LEVEL a user can expect to reach?

There is no limit. People can reach LEVEL 5, 6 or even LEVEL 7 with regular practice. The maximum LEVEL achieved by anyone is reported LEVEL 11.

Q: What should be my daily goal?

Train for 20 to 25 minutes daily

Q: Can I train for more than 25 minutes a day?

Not advised.

Q: Is the increase in working memory and intelligence automatic and easy?

The best way to understand it is to understand doing physical exercises like running, weight lifting, doing treadmill, etc.

The expected benefits of exercise are easy to get if you make a commitment to exercise regularly.

When you begin to do physical exercise, you'll see biggest gain in strength or stamina in the first month or two. As you continue to exercise, your improvement will be at slower pace.

Q: How to get maximum benefit?

  • Avoid distractions. Close any other tabs, put your phone in silent mode, turn off other applications.

  • Play everyday for first 20 days. It is ok if you miss a day. In the original study, participants showed up to 40% gains in measured fluid intelligence scores after 19 days of daily practice.

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